ADF Serveis Integrals de Càrrega, tu partner de logística en España.


Ctra. Antiga de Valencia, 1 Pl. 1 (Mercabarnaflor) Sant Boi de Llobregat, Barcelona España (+34) 935 56 81 81 Lun-Viernes: 8:00 a 18:00 horas


A large business centre in the logistics sector in Barcelona

Mercabarna Flor: A business centre at the forefront of the sector

Considering the needs and great potential of the flower market in Europe, the Mercabarna Flor building was opened on the outskirts of Barcelona on 5 October 2008.

With a strategic location right next to Barcelona Airport’s freight terminal and an extensive range of products and services, the wide and innovative commercial platform has become a business centre at the forefront of the sector.

We offer you our logistics services from Mercabarna Flor

Throughout the years, ADF Serveis Intregrals de Càrrega, S.L. has specialized in specific industrial sectors, where perishable goods are a major part of our lines of business. Therefore, we are committed to the flower sector; in 2009 we became the first forwarders, with an office in the heart of the flower market. At Mercabarna Flor, we offer our clients the unrivalled operability and excellent service that have always been our hallmark.

For the purpose of collecting or submitting documents, we have kept our strategic point in the Air Freight Centre, located in Office A111 of the General Services building of your carrier, Almacenajes y Distribuciones, El Castell Montjuich SL.